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Root · Computer Networking · Latronics Networking Solutions
Latronics Networking Solutions
9621 Lucas Ranch, Rd
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Email: support@latronics.net
Tel. (909) 292 8677 Fax.
Our professional team of specialists can perform repairs, upgrade, reconfigure, and troubleshoot almost any make of computer. We can install new internal parts (hard drives, memory, cpu, DVD, CDROM units) and peripherals. We can also assemble your pc and make it fully customize to meet your specific needs. Get all our services onsite or in our shop. We can also set up your wired or wireless network that will save you money by sharing common expensive resources. Let us securely configure your wireless network by correctly setting up your router, computers and other devices. Onsite service available. (909)292 8677 or (909) 348 7991
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Root · Computer Networking · Latronics Networking Solutions

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