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Root · Professional Services · CLUTTER STOP
P.O. BOX 2014
UPLAND, CA 91785-2014 Email: CLUTRSTOP@aol.com
Tel. 909-985-4948 Fax. 909-985-4440
Do you STRESS when you see papers everywhere? What about just plain old STUFF everywhere? Does your throat constrict and your stomach tighten into knots? WHY PUT UP WITH THIS? Get organized and feel like a new person. We can help! Anywhere - home or office. Anything - paper to clothes. Start your new life by calling NOW. If you need some motivation, get the book "The Permanent Solution" by Sheila McCurdy, available in the local author section at Borders Bookstore in Montclair. If they are out, contact the publisher, Kathy Sanders at MPS Services, 909-987-8717. You don't need New Year's resolutions to feel better - just a decision that your life is worth more than the constant stress of clutter.
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Root · Professional Services · CLUTTER STOP

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